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Pandemic Baseball Book Club

Welcome to the Pandemic Baseball Book Club Swag Shop! To purchase our ACTUAL books, please visit www.pbbclub.com

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Welcome to the Pandemic Baseball Book Club Swag Shop! To purchase our ACTUAL books, please visit www.pbbclub.com

The Pandemic Baseball Book Club is a community of 17 (and counting) Spring 2020 Baseball Book Authors, all working together to give baseball fans something to enjoy in a year without baseball.

ABOUT the Pandemic Baseball Book Club:

Spring is normally a great time to release a baseball book. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, however, a handful of authors quickly realized their baseball book launches would be painfully impacted. Events, signings and publicity appearances—all crucial to a book’s success—were suddenly cancelled right alongside the baseball season.

Recognizing their shared plight, four authors—Anika Orrock, Jason Turbow, Eric Nusbaum and Brad Balukjian—came together to navigate this new normal. Pledging cooperation above competition, they developed a plan to collectively promote their books while

offering baseball fans something uplifting to get them through a season without the national pastime.

The result was the Pandemic Baseball Book Club. Within weeks they had established a website, logos, a YouTube Channel, a podcast and a Twitter following. In a time where isolation is the order of the day, they also managed to forge a truly unique community. In addition to the national baseball writers for the New York Times and Wall St. Journal, the Club’s lineup includes a founder of ESPN the Magazine; a cartoonist; a literary magazine editor; professors of history, biology and law; a parole officer; and a data analyst—all bonded over a mutual love of baseball.

Their books are as diverse as their backgrounds: With non-fiction narratives both historical and personal, fiction, and fully-illustrated biographies, they are the vanguard of today’s baseball literature. They’re also an example of unprecedented camaraderie in their field, grown from the chaos of unfavorable circumstances. With a collective passion for supporting independent bookstores, the club advocates driving sales to local shops through Indie Bound and their own Bookshop.org storefront.

Through author-to-author interviews, moderated panel discussions, rapid-fire author questions, Zoom Happy Hours and more—all frequently posted on their website and promoted via social media—the PBBC is providing compelling and enjoyable content in their effort to creatively and successfully launch today’s baseball books. They hope to nurture their burgeoning community into a model that authors of other genres can adopt long after the quarantine has ended.

All proceeds from the sales of merchandise in this shop go toward maintenance of the Pandemic Baseball Book Club.